Peripheral projects

I use the term ‘peripheral’ to describe photography and what it means to me.  All of the projects shown here represent the least pre-conceived, researched and labored aspects of my photographic practice.  Here, I create a space where I can experiment and fail, and move either side my core ideas to expand my vision. They document visual phenomena and compositions that only fleetingly take their unique form. They are very simply rendered out of the happenstance of being in this world and curious about the constant spectrum of life and beauty that passes through our peripheral vision.  These photographs act as a reminder to me of the fundamental discipline of photography – of simply paying attention and being sentient to the present moment.  Throughout my photographic career I have strived to demonstrate and articulate the possibilities of photography, in light of both technological and cultural change.  I am spurred by the potential to prototype the near future of the medium – to innovate and be intellectually free within the arena of image-making.  These peripheral projects require a different sort of discipline.  Their starting points are all about simply observing visual scenarios that I have no fundamental control over - all I have is the power of observation.  With the loss of control comes the freedom to expand into the seemingly peripheral and choose – each time – how I encounter my surroundings and what I choose to create.  This selection of peripheral projects represents a sampling of the scores of projects that reside in my archive.  They are all numbered as a chronological record of where my photographic attention has moved over the years.  They are specific and diverse – an open-ended narrative of my practice that encompasses the contemplation of the places I have lived and where I have travelled, to the evidence of physical and societal change.